Death of Igor Bogdanoff: his ex-partner Julie Jardon breaks the silence on his atypical physique!

At the start of the week, the funeral of Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff took place at the Church of the Madeleine in Paris. Stars and anonymous made the trip to pay them a final tribute. Among them, Julie Jardon – the ex-companion of Igor Bogdanoff – was also present. The young woman is struggling to recover from the disappearance of the famous scientist. In the process, the pretty blonde also agreed to meet with journalists from Gala. The opportunity for her to unveil a heartbreaking letter addressed to her former lover. Without make-up, Sylvie Ortega’s friend gave up on their love story lived out of sight. Despite their age difference, the ex-lovebirds loved each other deeply. “In love, what touches me the most is people’s hearts”, said Julie Jardon.

It was in 2015 in a nightclub in Cannes that the duo met for the first time. Then 20 years old, Julie Jardon was quickly won over by her personality. A sentence launched by the twin brother of Grichka Bogdanoff will catch his attention. “You remind me of someone with whom I go rock climbing in Fontainebleau”, his suitor would have confessed to him. “From there, we saw each other and then saw each other again. And we started a romantic relationship in August of that same year”, underlined the main interested party. Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanoff formalized their relationship in 2016. At the time, the young woman was a student in neuroscience. Her darling is 45 years older than her… But never mind. Very in love, Julie Jardon also ignores the atypical physique of the latter. “The physical is not what I look at first. Igor expressed himself well, he was very cultured and I was impressionable”, said the model who has never questioned his appearance. “It belonged to him”, added the young woman and to add: “With Igor, we often thought that if we had been the same age, we would have built a life together”.

Since her disappearance, Julie Jardon has been trying to move forward not without difficulty. A few days before his death, the young woman went to the hospital to provide him with the best possible relief. By massaging her “Hands with moisturizer” and she took the opportunity to make him “listen to music”. At her funeral, Julie Jardon also slipped pictures of them in her coffin. A sweet attention that was close to his heart.


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