Death of Grichka Bogdanoff: at the bottom of the hole and very affected, one of his relatives makes a very sad statement …

It is a very dark period for those close to Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff. On December 28, Chaymae’s companion died of covid-19. Six days later, her twin also breathed his last. A real shock for the family of the two scientists. This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the famous brothers were buried in Saint-Lary. An emblematic place for physicists.

Upset by the disappearance of Grichka, his agent, Damien Nougarede, did not hesitate to share a touching post on social networks. A photo of his friend accompanied by a heartbreaking message. “Tonight, heavy tears mingle with beautiful smiles… it’s paradoxical. It is 4:05 am; classic schedule in our galaxy. I am here, at your place. Sit at your desk. This setting where your soul has transcended so many words. There is this armchair in front of me from which you were playing Forbidden Games or humming Yesterday. As usual, the cloudy apple juice, the scones, the Marco Polo with milk are there. But they don’t quite taste the same anymore. (…) I pinch myself, I find it hard to believe: you are no longer where you were but you live wherever I am. I explode with laughter: you just gave me a failed magic trick once again, which turns into a super-joke. My imagination plays with my memories. The echo of your voice misses that of my soul … This lower world, this passage, lacks enough colors, don’t you think ?! With you, it was a patchwork of emotions. We felt ourselves growing wings. “

Touched by the death of the two brothers, the agent continues: “ It is well known, nothing can resist a Bogda, so when they are two … or even three since I was your brother, the clouds had better behave: with a simple wave of the hand, a fiery sun is restored. I just understood: you only walked into the next room. You are you, I am me. What we were to each other, we still are. The thread is not cut … You are waiting for me. You’re not far, just across the road. So all is well ”. A beautiful tribute!

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