Death of Gal Costa: son and widow attend the singer’s Seventh Day Mass. Photos

Friends and family attended Gal Costa’s Seventh Day Mass this Wednesday (16). The ceremony took place at the Parish of Our Lady of Brazil, in São Paulo. Among those present were the singer’s wife, businesswoman Wilma Petrillo, and her son, Gabriel, who moved when he revealed details of his routine with his mother. Consecrated as the greatest singer in Brazil, the artist died at the age of 77.

The Seventh-day Mass in São Paulo took place one day after the religious ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, which was attended by Moreno, son of Caetano Veloso and godson of Gal, and Sophie Charlotte, who gave life to the artist in a film that will be released next year. Go to the gallery above and see the photos.


Wilma Petrillo is 72 years old and has spent the last 24 years with Gal🇧🇷 Their partnership was also sealed in professional life. She was the singer’s manager and partner in two artistic companies.

Gal became mother to Gabriel in 2007. The artist adopted the child at the age of 2 after meeting him at a shelter in Rio de Janeiro; Today, the boy is 17. The boy was also raised by Wilma, whom he affectionately calls godmother.

In an interview with journalist Marília Gabriela, the singer revealed that she tried to get pregnant for a long time, but had blocked tubes. In recent years, the three of them lived together in São Paulo with two other dogs.

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