Death of Antoine Alléno: the strange version of the driver who killed the son of the starred chef

On the night of Sunday to Monday May 9, Antoine Alléno, son of the multi-starred chef Yannick Alléno, was mowed down while he was at a red light, on a scooter, near the Alma bridge in Paris. The facts allegedly occurred shortly after 11 p.m. when a man stole a luxury vehicle, an Audi RS6, then fled. Despite the fact that he was not chased by a police vehicle in pursuit, the driver hit a VTC and a scooter, both stopped at a red light near Bosquet Avenue. The driver of the scooter, Antoine Alléno, son of the famous chef died on the spot. Suffering from multiple bruises, the passenger of the scooter and the driver of the VTC were transported to the hospital but their vital prognosis was not engaged yesterday after the tragedy.

In a press release published a few hours after the announcement of his death, the family of Antoine Alléno expressed their “deep sadness”: “Antoine belonged to this new generation of cooks, determined to revolutionize the French gastronomic landscape. It is with great sadness that we share this sad news. […] In this painful period, the Alléno family and their loved ones are very sensitive to everyone’s kindness and understanding, while respecting their privacy.

The driver meanwhile has been in police custody since yesterday to be questioned about the circumstances of the accident. “As part of an open investigation on the count of aggravated manslaughter, a man was taken into custody shortly after the facts“, said the Paris prosecutor’s office on Monday May 9, 2022. And according to our colleagues from Le Parisien, the 24-year-old young man residing in Val d’Oise, was so drunk that he is unable to remember precisely the conditions in which he caused this tragedy, according to a police source, what he has been repeating since the start of his police custody.


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