Death of Alice Scagni, two policemen and a doctor under investigation for omissions: “They underestimated the threats of the killer brother”

The murder of Alice Scagnithe 35-year-old woman killed by her 42-year-old brother Alberto on May 1st at the house in Genoa, was preceded by a series of alleged omissions by some policemen and a doctor now under investigation for omission of official documents and failure to report. For the Prosecutor’s Office, danger signals would have been underestimated which, for the parents of the two, had been evident and reported for some time. The three suspects had been heard as people informed of the facts and now the deputy prosecutor Paola Crispo with the added Vittorio Ranieri Miniati they will close the investigation shortly.

“It is a first step towards ascertaining the truth. I hope – said the lawyer Fabius Anselm, the lawyer who assists the parents of Alice and Alberto – that the complaint we made for murder as a result of another crime and, that is, of those omissions, be registered”. In particular, in their complaint the parents they had accused the doctor that on April 28, to their request to hospitalize Alberto, he replied that before arranging a mandatory health check he wanted to talk about it with his head physician. And then, they had told of the punches and the attempted fire on their grandmother’s front door on April 30, and of the phone calls to their parents to ask for money. “Do you know where Gianluca and your daughter are tonight? If I can’t find the money in the account in 5 minutes, do you know where it is…?”, the audio of Alberto’s latest threat to his parents May 1st itself. The two parents had called the operations centre, but had been told that if the threat was not immediate they could not send flyers and had been asked to report the following day, with an invitation to “don’t make it tragic”.

“The truth that makes its way – he said Antonella Zarri, the mother of Alice and Alberto – and of which we are certain is that two children were stolen from us. My heart is a heavy stone. For us, having three suspects is equivalent to progress towards the truth but this causes us even more pain because it confirms that the tragedy could have been avoided”. The probative incident is underway on Scagni’s mental abilities. According to Helvetius Pirfothe expert of the judge for preliminary investigations Paola Faggioni, Alberto is semi-infirm but capable of standing in court. For the family consultant he is totally incapable while for the prosecutor’s office he is fully capable. The expert opinion will be discussed in December. “Alberto Scagni – wrote the expert who had already dealt with Annamaria Franzoni – from early adulthood he is a carrier of a severe antisocial, narcissistic and borderline personality disorder complicated by a poly-abuse disorder of psychoactive substances (alcohol and cannabis) “.

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