death due to corona will be written on Death certificate ICMR issued guidelines

The Union Government has told the Supreme Court that the Ministry of Health and the ICMR have formulated guidelines to issue “official documents” for deaths linked to COVID-19. The Central Government has filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court, according to which the Office of the Registrar General of India had issued a circular to the next of kin of the deceased for a medical certificate stating the cause of death.

According to the guidelines of the center, patients whose corona test has been done through RT-PCR, rapid-antigen test or molecular test or have been found corona positive in the examination of a doctor treating in a hospital. Only he will be considered corona positive.

These deaths will not be included in Corona deaths

According to the guideline, the deaths which will not be considered as Covid-19 deaths include deaths due to poisoning, suicide, homicide and accident, even if their corona test positive after death.

These deaths will be included in Corona deaths

According to the guideline, “cases of COVID-19 that remain unresolved and the patient died either in a hospital setting or at home. In these cases if a medical certificate of the cause of death in Forms 4 and 4A has been issued to the registering authority. which is required under section 10 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, then these cases will be treated as corona deaths. The Registrar General of India will issue necessary guidelines to the Chief Registrars of all Indian States and Union Territories.

Provision of covid death till 30 days after corona test

It has also been mentioned in the guideline that according to the study of ICMR, 95 percent deaths occur within 25 days after the corona test positive. Keeping this in mind, the death of that person will be included in the death due to corona till 30 days after the corona test positive in the guideline. Even if a person was out of the hospital, if he was undergoing treatment for corona, then his death would be counted in corona deaths. In cases where no MCCD is available or the relatives are dissatisfied with the cause of death. Such matters will be controlled by the District Level Committee.

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