Death drama on the set of "Rust": George Clooney can’t believe it

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Death drama on the set of “Rust”
George Clooney can’t believe it

The fatal shot that Alec Baldwin accidentally fired on the set of the western “Rust” is still a cause for concern. Now acting colleague George Clooney also comments on the tragedy that should never have happened. Daniel Baldwin meanwhile takes protection of his brother Alec.

It has been almost a month since actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot camerawoman Halyna Hutchins while filming the western “Rust”. Hollywood star George Clooney commented on the tragic event in a podcast with US comedian Marc Maron.

The 60-year-old, who has acted in dozens of movies himself, said it was “madness” that there were live cartridges on the “Rust” set. He also expressed astonishment at reports that assistant director David Halls had handed the gun over to Alec Baldwin with the words “Cold Gun”. Such a phrase to describe a weapon that is safe to use has never come across him in his entire career.

The events on the set of the western were indeed a “tragic accident,” emphasizes Clooney. At the same time, however, he states that Halls should never have come anywhere near the prop weapon. “I’ve been following the news and I have to say that the assistant director is the culprit,” explains the actor. “I don’t know the guy. But I’ve been working on sets for 40 years now. And the person who gives you the gun and is responsible for it is either the one who is responsible for the props or the armorer. Period,” says Clooney feast.

“Everyone knows that”

The Hollywood star also describes how the use of weapons on the set normally works in his experience. “Every single time I am given a gun on set, I look at it, I open it, show it to the person I’m supposed to aim at, show it to the crew. After every single shot, I give it back to the weapons master before the whole thing starts over with the next shot. “

Clooney is certain that such a procedure has now become standard. “Partly because of what happened to Brandon,” he said, citing Brandon Lee, who was accidentally shot and killed with live ammunition on the set of The Crow back in 1993. After that, the security precautions were tightened, so Clooney. “Everyone sticks to it. Everyone knows that.”

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He hopes Alec Baldwin has acted accordingly, explains Clooney and at the same time admits: “The problem is that dummies are tricky. They look like real cartridges. They only have a small hole on the back through which the powder can be removed became.”

Even if Clooney does not want to blame his colleague on principle, he holds Alec Baldwin responsible between the lines. He points out that the set of “Rust” was apparently so skimpy that inexperienced workers were used. As the producer of the film, Alec Baldwin would be at least indirectly to blame.

“He’s a target”

Alec Baldwin’s brother Daniel sees it completely differently. On the radio show “The Domenick Nati Show” he speculated that his brother should be used as a scapegoat in the “Rust” tragedy because of his political views. On the other hand, he advised his brother not to take the blame on himself.

Alec is “the big star with outspoken political opinion,” which makes him an easy target, according to Daniel Baldwin. The fact that he works for various charities is also a hit for his opponents to pursue the star “sensationalist”. “He’s a target,” says Daniel Baldwin with certainty.

Alec Baldwin has made no secret of his political beliefs for many years. During the presidency of Donald Trump he parodied the head of state on the comedy show “Saturday Night Live”. Donald Trump Jr., son of the ex-president, covered Alec Baldwin with malice shortly after the “Rust” tragedy. Since then he has been selling a T-shirt that reads: “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.”

The investigation into the accident on the set of the western, in which not only Hutchins was killed, but also director Joel Souza is still ongoing. Should it be proven that safety standards have not been complied with, Alec Baldwin could also be prosecuted as one of the responsible producers.

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