Death drama: George Clooney thinks Alec Baldwin is innocent

George Clooney (60) has a clear stance on what happened on the set of “Rust”. While filming the western, Alec Baldwin (63) accidentally shot and killed the camerawoman Halyna Hutchins. A weapon declared as “cold” that the actor used for a scene, misfired and hit Halyna fatal. Several celebrities have already spoken out about the tragic accident. Now George also commented: Wear for him Alec not to blame for the accident.

“I’ve been following the news and I have to say that the assistant director is the culprit”stressed George in the podcast with Marc Maron “WTF”. The actor was referring to the assistant director Dave Halls, the Alec handed the gun that Halyna killed. “I’ve been working on sets for 40 years now. And the person who gives you the weapon and who is responsible for it is either the one who is responsible for the props or the armorer,” the 60-year-old clarified.

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Still admitted George a: As a producer of the film it lies in Alecs Hand to ensure responsible use of weapons and ammunition. After all, committed Alec for example the 24-year-old Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as weapon master at “Rust”. Before that, she only held this position in one other film. “It makes me mad that real ammunition and blanks were mixed up in the film arsenal”, got angry George about the supposedly negligent use of weapons on the set.

Die "Rust"-Crew am Set

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Die “Rust”-Crew am Set
The film crew on the set of “Rust”
George Clooney, actor

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