Deadly weekend on Belgian roads: at least four people dead and injured, all in less than 48 hours…

Several dramatic accidents cost lives this weekend on Belgian roads, and more particularly in Wallonia.

The E19 motorway was first the scene of a terrible accident in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Jemappes. The accident involves a car, a Citroën C4 registered in France, and a van, a Ford Transit. The balance sheet is heavy. Michel, the 75-year-old driver of the car, died. The emergency services, who arrived on the scene, were unable to do anything. His companion, who was also in the Citroën, is injured. Two people in the van were also slightly injured. These six people were on vacation and were going skiing.

Another fatal accident occurred the same night on the E40 in Birbeek. Around 3:00 a.m., a vehicle deviated from its trajectory for an as yet unknown reason and left the road. The emergency services arrived on the scene but it was already too late for the victim, a young man of 26 years. No other vehicle was involved, according to the Leuven prosecutor’s office. It is likely that the young man dozed off at the wheel.

In La Louvière, Robert, 44, was trapped in his car in the canal. He managed to call his best friend who unfortunately could not save him… Saturday evening had however started very well for him, who had participated in a barbecue with friends in the manageoise entity. The forties had also published photos of this good time on his facebook page.

It was shortly before midnight that the drama was played out. Just before, Robert had warned other friends that he was going to join them at a boxing gala. He then took the wheel in the direction of Ecaussinnes. But while he was in rue des Résédas in La Louvière, the forties lost control of his vehicle and missed his turn.

Lierneux also experienced a Sunday of great sadness. The lifeless body of Valérie, a 43-year-old mother who worked at the basic school, living in Lierneux but originally from Anthisnes in the Condroz, was found Sunday morning in her car. Obviously, the victim lost control of his car a few hours earlier, in the night, while driving rue des Marcadènes which connects Lierneux to the Baraque de Fraiture. The car landed in a small fir forest. This mother of two children died on the spot.

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