Dead sirens at the source of the Po: the protest of Extinction Rebellion activists

The great Italian river is disappearing, indeed evaporating. And it is on the shoal at Pian del Re, in the territory of Crissolo (Cuneo), that the protest of dead sirens at the source of the Bit. A group of activists from Extinction Rebellion they donned the robes of the mythological creature, with long blue and azure tails, the color of the waters I now remember, and lay down around the source of the river. “The goal is to draw attention to very severe drought that the whole of Italy is experiencing – explain the organizers – and, more generally, on the tangible consequences that the climate crisis is causing also in the Piedmontese territories ”.
The environmental sirens had already appeared last February on the shallows of the Po at the Murazzi of Turin.

Extinction Rebellion’s ‘dead sirens’ protest at the source of the Po

“After months – recall from Extinction Rebellion – the water deficit has further worsened, enough to call for a state of national alert. The small Turin shoal, which activists already denounced in February, has now expanded considerably and is now invaded by algae, which are proliferating out of control throughout the city stretch of the river ”. If from North to South Italy the effects of high temperatures and heat do not give respite to citizens, also the answer of the experts arrives: to date 2022 is the hottest year ever. We are told by the first seven months, which broke numerous previous records and triggered a devastating impact of drought on Italian countryside with damage for over 6 billion of Euro. So the situation, according to activists, must be addressed by regional authorities with “structural interventions to counter the effects of the climate crisis, which have already caused irreparable damage to agricultural activities of all Piedmont and all of Italy “.

It is not the first time that the movement has staged this type of protest, but since February things have only gotten worse, as Extinction Rebellion itself has denounced. Last month the Po registered a new one negative flow rate record: 32% less cubic meters of water compared to the previous record, dating back to 2006. According to the latest weekly report of the Anbi observatory (National Association of Reclamation and Irrigation), the average flow rate of the Great River in Pontelagoscuro, the last survey before the Delta, was in July equal to at 160.48 cubic meters per second. A dramatic situation, in which to emerge from the waters, indeed from the lack of blue gold, are not only algae and war residues, but also mythological figures who sound the alarm about the imminent disaster. And the voices of the sirens you know, they never herald good news.

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