De Luca again against the government: “The image of Draghi defending the proletariat is false. He did nothing for the prevention of Covid “

Long and harsh invective of the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, at the address of Draghi government and, in particular, the premier, the minister of education Patrizio Bianchi and the covid emergency commissioner, Francesco Figliuolo.

In his usual direct Facebook, the Campania politician lists all the critical issues of the executive led by Mario Draghi (lack of checks on the territory, partial and late measures, ‘crazy and unmanageable’ measures such as those on the quarantine). And he premises: In these 3 months the government has done essentially nothing from the point of view of real action prevention. He did only one thing: the green pass. But otherwise many measures have not been taken and this differentiates us from the national government. I say this with great serenity, reiterating that we are committed to an effort of unity and collaboration, but we are also committed to telling us the truth of things. We certainly don’t feel committed to doing sneak up on anyone, but to respond to our conscience and our reason. Not to the needs of politician politics or party flags ”.

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The criticisms of the latest press conference by Draghi: “He pointed out some contradictions between open clubs and closed schools. But these are contradictions that depend on him, not on others. The government must address these observations to itself, without considering that the health personnel are on the verge of resistance. And the government ignores this. My clear feeling is that in the Draghi government press conference his only goal was to show the Italians that basically everything is fine in Italy, that the economy is growing, that schools are opening and that we do not have huge problems with Covid. Instead it was a totally demagogic and unacceptable choice”.

Then he moves on to the confrontation with the government over his own School Ordinance: “The government challenged our ordinance, which was extremely balanced and measured. The schools in Campania all opened on January 10, except elementary, middle and nursery schools because, being the lowest age group and not vaccinated to a large extent, it seemed reasonable to take 2 weeks of respite to expand the campaign vaccination and then have the school in the presence with greater tranquility. We were faced with one disrespectful government position and offensive to the Campania Region. It is also incomprehensible, because the government challenged the ordinance of the Campania Region at 22.15 on Sunday evening, when the schools opened on Mondays. At the moment – he continues – we have 111 Municipalities in Campania in which schools have not reopened. The mayors of Palermo and Catania in which the mayors have made orders for the total closure of schools. The government has not challenged anything, confirming the fact that it had an interest in making only a ‘propaganda operation Monday to be able to say that everything is open. Obviously in this media operation most of the public TV he accompanied the government in a totally uncritical and subordinate way. To see some public TV reports Italy looked like Stockholm. Everything is fine”.

De Luca adds: “In the press conference Draghi spoke for half an hour against dad. I observe that the dad did not ask for it, so it was half an hour of demagogic exposure against a nonexistent goal. The Prime Minister also said that the dad causes damage and even a social divide, but neither he nor the Minister of Education have decided to note that the Region that has done to avoid social discrimination was Campania and that, if the government had done half of what this region did, we would be much better off. We – he continues – are concerned with protecting the weakest groups, not the government. The government has spoken, the Region has done so. Therefore, the image of a prime minister defending the proletariat and others who are indifferent to conditions of social hardship it is false. Not only that: while in the press conference they told us that they were worried about the psychological health of children, Campania guaranteed assistance to psychologists e the government cut the funds in half. This is not tolerable”.

The regional president invokes respect for the truth and turns to Minister Bianchi a Draghi: “The Minister of Education considered my expression” use children as guinea pigs “excessive and rightly said that words must be measured. And I even more rightly say that behavior must be measured more than words. The Minister of Education was informed that, when the schools opened, in dozens of realities, there were children of 6-7-10 years old forced to follow the lessons with the windows open, a infernal cold and with a coat on? Is this a way to respect children? President Draghi – he adds – noted that schools in Europe have remained open. In Europe, lessons with windows open to the cold they would have been an intolerable scandal. I am waiting for someone to find me a school in Germany, France and Sweden where children are forced to stay in class for 4 hours in the freezing weather with the windows open. For heaven’s sake, these are small details that only the artisans of politics pay attention to, certainly not the great statesmen ”.

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Finally, the Campania politician spreads out Figliuolo’s broken promises and comments: “We are not going to be fooled by anyone. We cannot afford the cialtronata to challenge the ordinance of Campania at night and do nothing more. Respect and seriousness are needed, demagogy is useless. I am a peaceful warrior and I like the quiet life, but I expect the same respect that I give to my interlocutors. And I have no desire to be taken for a ride by anyone – he concludes – It would be good to take a bath of humility and above all to land on true reality, ending it with propaganda. I say all this because I did not like the image of a government that presents itself with the good-natured face of the Trappist monks and ‘everything is fine’, with someone who, for some reason, has to open disputes. We are always in favor of collaboration, but we demand respect “.

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