Ddl Zan, the deputy dem: “Some senators against it told me they had changed their mind.” Sala: “Isn’t that a priority? So it will never approve “

A little more than six months after the applause in the Senate following the vote he has the approval process is blockedthe ddl Zan back to Parliament. Once the so-called “trap” that prevented re-submitting the text before six months from the rejection, the bill against homotransphobia returns to the Senate. To relaunch the issues of the Zan bill, he started in Milan “We do not give up: from the squares to the Parliament” the journey of Democratic Agora from the north to the south of the country with the aim of reaching the Chambers once again strengthened by a shared proposal in society and among political forces and approving an effective law against hate crimes. The promoter of the bill and deputy of the Democratic Party was present at the Milan event, Alessandro Zantogether with the mayor Beppe Sala. On the other hand, the secretary of the Democratic Party intervened in a video link Enrico Letta.

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