DCEU: Superman refers to Iron Man in League of Super Pets trailer

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From the Marvel universe to that of DC Comics, there is only one step! As proof, the heroes Superman and Batman are mentioned several times, and in very clear ways, in the film. The Eternals. The favor is returned in the trailer for the animated film League of Super Pets (Krypto Super-Chien) in which a reference to Iron Man slipped. Krypto, Superman’s dog, is indeed trying to wake up his master in order to go for his morning walk. The Man of Steel resists, but eventually gives in and goes to prepare. He then uses his laser vision and his mirror to smooth out a crease on his shirt, which leads him to exclaim “call me Iron Man “.

If you do not see what is the connection between Tony Stark and the action of Clark Kent, know that it lies quite simply in the translation of the verb to repass: iron. The word game is easy, of course, but we must admit that it is quite pleasant to find these (almost) subtle references from one project to another. What if the next step is a proper crossover? It doesn’t appear to be in the studio’s plans at the moment, but who knows? In a few years, this could become possible.

In Krypto, Super Dog, Superman’s faithful companion gathers his own team of vigilantes to come to the aid of the Justice League, captured by one of their enemies. If you strain your ears as you watch the original version trailer, you might recognize the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and John Krasinski, respectively Krypto, Ace, and Superman. Also reunited in the cast of this new animated film signed DC Comics, Keanu Reeves, Diego Luna or Kate McKinnon.

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