DC will repeat X-Men and restart movie universe with The Flash

According to the Hashtag Show, DCEU will actually undergo a “light reboot” in The Flash, starring Ezra Miller. Something similar happened in Fox’s X-Men franchise.

A “light reboot” happens when a base is kept, but some details are reworked. In theory, this should serve to make the shared universe a little more organized.

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In the saga of the Fox mutants, the “light reboot” came in X-Men: Days of a Forgotten Future, which brought a new line to be followed by the franchise. Ironically, however, some things remained quite inconsistent in this second phase.

With The Flash dealing with parallel dimensions and time travel, it really is a good opportunity to rework a few things, giving DCEU a new face. Exactly how this will happen, however, remains to be seen.

Possible reformulation in DCEU

It is believed that with this redesign, Michael Keaton will assume the mantle of DCEU’s main Batman. When his return on The Flash was announced, websites reported that the actor had signed on to appear in several new DC productions.

Michael Keaton played Bruce Wayne in Batman and Batman: The Return, which was directed by Tim Burton. Initially criticized by fans, the actor delivered a praised approach to the character, helping to change the image of the superhero for much of the public.

Turns out the actor is 70 years old, so clearly there are some limitations for him in the role these days.

Some speculate that, with Michael Keaton playing a tired and much older Bruce Wayne, it’s possible that Warner Bros. perform an adaptation of Batman from the Future in the coming years.

Who is not involved in these speculations is Robert Pattinson’s Batman, which takes place on Earth-2, an alternative universe to DCEU. The Batman will show the beginning of a new continuity of DC, which, at least for now, is not impacted by anything that happens in DCEU.

DC’s The Flash opens in theaters November 4, 2022.

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