DC Universe: James Gunn announces a mysterious series written by him

James Gunn continues to tease fans with his busy schedule at DC. This time he confirmed that he is working on an unannounced TV series.

James Gunn it would seem to have his hands in numerous projects in the DC house. In addition to becoming co-CEO of the new DC Studios division, in fact, the director confirmed on Twitter that he is working on a new show not yet announced.

“Here’s a recap of my day. I wrote a third of an unannounced DC show, approved 100 special effects, delivered editing notes for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Rocket, finally got two major meetings with DC Studios”.

At the moment there are still no rumors about what the show could be, but Gunn has already written and directed for DC Peacemaker, series with John Cena in the role of the vigilante already played in The Suicide Squad (the show has finally arrived in Italy thanks to TimVision). But that’s not all, because Gunn will also write the new Superman film which will see a younger actor take on the role of the man of steel after the official departure of Henry Cavill.

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The plans for the new course of DC Studios should be presented later this month. Gunn said he was inspired by the animated series Justice League Unlimited And Young Justice.

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