DC Reveals Reason for Batman’s Main Rule

Batman is one of DC’s great heroes, and also one of the leaders of the Justice League, possibly being wiser to recognize that the team has great power.

He has plans against all heroes, except for the Green Arrow, which leaves him vulnerable, as Oliver Queen is very skilled with his bow.

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Despite this, the Dark Knight, in addition to having plans against his allies, also has a rule that differentiates him from some other characters in the comics.

DC finally revealed the reason for the Caped Crusader to have this rule in issue 127 of Batman, only with a different hero personality.

Batman will never kill

The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh ended up creating Failsafe, the android that is plaguing the Justice League and defeating its most powerful members (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

Failsafe is precisely programmed to defeat Batman, in case the hero decides to kill one of his enemies for the first time.

It’s likely Bruce wasn’t even aware of Failsafe’s presence beforehand, but when the Penguin is killed and the original Batman is at the crime scene, he activates the android’s plan of attack.

Batman knows the personality of Zur-En-Arrh, someone violent and unbalanced, who can take control if Bruce Wayne is not present.

Despite this, he would not break his main rule, which is not to kill, be it anyone, an ally being mind-controlled, or a villain.

Because he has a contingency plan for several heroes, Bruce has one for himself, which it seems Zur-En-Arrh didn’t know.

A man with secret bases around the world, he couldn’t hide his plans forever, with Ra’s al Ghul managing to dominate them and put them into practice in the story Justice League: Tower of Babel.

Even if Batman is a hero who doesn’t kill, and possibly never will, if that ever happened, he would have a plan to defeat himself.

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