DC Releases Riddler Series Images; Look

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, DC released the first images of Riddler: Year One, the Batman villain comic book series.

Riddler: Year One takes place in the same universe as Batman, Matt Reeves’ hit feature film. The actor who played the Riddler in the movies, Paul Dano, is the writer of this comic book series.

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Riddler: Year One will show how Edward Nashton became the serial killer fans saw in Batman, as well as how he came up with his entire plan.

Check out the first images of Riddler: Year One, a comic book series from the same universe as Batman, below.

praised film

Batman, with Robert Pattinson, received critical and public acclaim, although some criticized its long run.

The feature film brought an approach where it went back to the roots of Batman comics that were more oriented towards investigative stories.

Warner Bros. announced that Batman 2 is in development, with Matt Reeves returning as director and Robert Pattinson returning as the lead.

The idea is to present the evolution and maturation of the character as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, since we had a version that was still very inexperienced and reclusive.

Batman, with Robert Pattinson, is available on HBO Max.

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