DC CONFIRMS all of its 2023 films at CCXP, but leaves ‘Blue Beetle’ out… and Fans are WORRIED!

After DC canceled the movie from ‘batgirl‘, some fans were concerned about the fate of ‘Blue Beetle‘… and even though it is scheduled for 2023, the film will not be released at CCXP.

At CCXP, fans will be able to enjoy the interactivity of the space devoted to films from the DC Universe with activities dedicated to feature films’Shazam! Gods Fury🇧🇷The Flash‘ and ‘aquaman 2🇧🇷

Although, ‘Green Beetle’‘ will not have any activation in the event even bringing in its cast the Brazilian Bruna Marquezine🇧🇷

On social media, fans worried about the absence of the film:

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🇧🇷Blue Beetle‘ is scheduled for August 16, 2023.

Recently, Undercover Audience claimed that Warner Bros. held the first test screening and the public LOVED DC’s first Latin film, which has the Brazilian cast in Bruna Marquezine🇧🇷

As these views are private and confidential, please treat the description as a rumour.

TestScreening Update:

– The entire cast does an amazing job! Especially Xolo Mariduena & Belissa Escobedo who play Xolo’s sister.
– Audiences loved the sweet, comedy-filled family dynamic of the ‘Reyes family’.
– Almost 30% of the film is in Spanish with subtitles.
– Susan Sarandon rocks her villainous role as Victoria Kord.
– George Lopez as Uncle Rudy and Adriana Barraza as Granny have many great comedic scenes, which were loved.

Verdict: Audiences totally loved DC’s first Latino superhero.

Marquezine recently spoke about his experience on the film. The actress told Quem magazine that the feature demanded a lot from her, even because the actress had to act in a language she was not used to speaking.

“It was an experience that demanded a lot from me in aspects that, until then, I had never experienced. The fact of interpreting in another language is a great challenge, because I feel in Portuguese”said Bruna🇧🇷

The actress admitted that it was very good to feel a “butterflies in the stomach” different, after having a consolidated career in Brazil. He said that making Blue Beetle was an experience “emotional” and “challenging”because she found herself more “lonely” on set, as she usually wasn’t.

“It was really good to feel, again, so vulnerable, insecure, and feel so much butterflies in my stomach. I always get butterflies in my stomach, but this time I was definitely in a place… And a lot lonelier too, so it was a very emotional and challenging experience, but a very beautiful one. It was really nice to be able to feel all of that.”concludes.

Susan Sarandon replaced Sharon Stone in the interpretation of the villainous Victoria Kord. The character in question was created especially for the film and does not exist in the comics.

Raoul Max Trujillo (‘Mayans MC’) will live the other villain, Conrad Carapax, the Indestructible Man. He was a rival archaeologist to Daniel Garrett, the first Blue Beetle.

Belissa Escobedo, Harvey Guillen and Raoul Max Trujillo are confirmed in the main cast.

Angel Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) directs, with a script signed by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Miss Bullet).

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