Dax Shepard found out his wife Kristen Bell almost had an affair with John Stamos

During his podcast, Dax Shepard discovered that his wife Kristen Bell almost dated John Stamos before she met him.

Dax Shepherd discovered, during the new episode of his podcast, that his wife Kristen Bell he almost had a date with John Stamos before meeting him.
The star of the series Dad’s friends revealed what happened shortly after his divorce, surprising his colleague.

John Stamos, during an episode of Armchair Experthe said: “I was recently divorced and there was an award show, a party or an after party, an event… My publicist, Lewis K., said to me ‘There’s this girl who wants to meet you. You have to meet her. She loves theatre, it’s fun, you’d be great together’. She was Kristen“.
Dax Shepard then reacted by exclaiming: “Oh no, you’re kidding!“.

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Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell in the premiere of the revival

Stamos’ divorce from Rebecca Romijn took place in 2005 and, at the time, Kristen Bell was in her 20s, while John was in his 40s. The actor then admitted: “So I said this is lovely, this is great, I’m too old. I was just so haughty and thought, ‘I’m old, I don’t know how old she is’“.
Shepard added: “Kristen is five years younger than me, so she’s 17 years younger than you. She would be younger than your current wife“.
Stamos then reacted to the observation by admitting that perhaps, over time, he has gotten over the negative approach to the age difference.

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