David Sassoli, state funeral on Friday. The last greeting celebrated by Cardinal Zuppi

David Sassoli

Rome, 12 January 2022 – David Sassoli will have state funeral. The Council of Ministers, according to what is learned, has in fact given the go-ahead and the funeral will be held Friday at 12 in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, in Piazza della Repubblica in Rome. To celebrate the mass, to give the last farewell to the president of the European Parliament who died yesterday at the age of 65, will be the cardinal Matteo Zuppi. The diocese of Bologna itself reports: the archbishop, the note states, knew the journalist from a young age, when they attended the same high school in Rome.

Sassoli, the human impact of great values ​​- by De Robertis

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The latest speech in Europe / Fiorentina and Prato summers

Yesterday iThe Italian Parliament recalled him in two commemorations in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. In both classrooms a long applause greeted the homage to Sassoli. The Prime Minister also spoke, Mario Draghi, who remembered him as “A man of institutions, a profound pro-European, a passionate journalist, he was a symbol of balance, humanity, generosity“. And also the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, expressed closeness and condolences to family members. It was then Ursula von der Leyen to greet him with a tweet in Italian: “My thoughts go out to your family. Rest in peace, dear David.”

Sassoli, madness no vax on the Net. “His death is very good news”

Today a minute of silence was also observed in Germany at the first session of the year of Bundestag, at the request of the president of the German parliament, Baerbel Bas: “He was a president of parliament capable of concluding compromises while defending democracy“, said Bas introducing the session.” He was an indomitable defender of European values ​​- he continued -. In the most controversial issues, he has always been able to keep in mind that in the search for political solutions, the fate of individuals must never be forgotten “.

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