David Rath after release from crime: I’ll get to work!

He left at exactly half past ten yesterday afternoon Rath prison in Brno-Bohunice. With a box from the television, a bag in his hand, and a respirator on his face, the newly released prisoner got into the blue van and drove off quickly. Diary Aha! but he told where his first steps after leaving prison would lead. “I need to see what’s new and get to work. Logically, I’m looking forward to talking to my sons, “Rath wrote in his text.

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He hasn’t won

The Regional Court in Brno did not give reasons for its decision to send Rath to freedom yesterday, the hearing was closed to the public. But Rath has not won completely. The so-called second branch of the large-scale corruption case should be discussed again in April. Petr Kott, a former accomplice of Rath, (59) should also hear the verdict there. He was released last year after serving three out of six.

David Rath leaves the Brno prison in a blue van.

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To the family in Hostivice

Rath is a doctor by profession and has facilities in Hostivice, Central Bohemia – a house and a doctor’s office where his wife Eva (56) works. his former (and possibly current) mistress Renata (53) also lives there. She has one son with each of the women. At a press conference he held last night, he added that he would continue his medical practice, which he also did in prison, and he will try to pay the 10 million penalty that is part of his sentence – he is said to be halfway there. He also added that he was aware that he had made some mistakes, and indicated that he deserved time behind bars …

Cases, cases, causations

As a Central Bohemian governor, the police detained him in mid-May 2012 with a box containing seven million crowns. According to the police, it was a bribe for a manipulated contract related to the repair of the Buštěhrad chateau. The case was divided, in the second branch of the case the Regional Court in Prague extended Rath’s sentence for another year, but the case will be dealt with by the High Court of Appeal.

Do you know that …

… Rath left the bass with a 7-year condition during which he must not commit an offense?

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