David and Korn have a fight! A lasting stop to their songs

It’s just songs – the performers like to sing them and people have loved them for decades. However, the Russian invasion destroyed this well-being. Mention of Russia must now be treated with caution, even in terms of music. The Russian singer and music producer decided to remove the song Ruská Máša from his program Michal David.

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“I withdrew the song from the repertoire right after Putin he invaded Ukraine and committed atrocities there. I even took it out from my latest CD Funky, which has now been released. At the same time, I had it ready and newly arranged there, “ revealed hitmaker CNN Prima NEWS.

Although he and his fans have fond memories of this song, he seems to say goodbye to her forever. But he doesn’t have a problem with that. He sees this as a gesture in support of Ukraine, which he stands for. “Even though it’s a hit, it’s not good to play songs like that when we see what Putin is doing there. I just don’t agree with that. I may never play it again. Just for the sake of solidarity, “ he explained.

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Some Czech radios think the same. If the song has something to do with Russia, it goes blacklisted. Miss Moscow from Jiří Korn it is currently also written off. But neither this song nor Ruská Máša sounded so much on the radio, so it is not a bigger limitation. The song that caught it more is Rasputin by Boney M. For example, Blaník Dušan Kotora, the music director of radio Blaník, decided to remove it from the list of songs played.

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