David, a pig farmer, thought he had pulled off the perfect murder after killing his wife Brenda, except for one detail…

David Venables, an 89-year-old Briton, has just been sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife Brenda in May 1982. The octogenarian thought he had carried out the perfect murder after ending his wife’s life.

Indeed, after the murder, he had thrown the body of his wife in the septic tank of his farm in Kempsey, in Worcestershire, a County located in the West of England. For 37 years, Brenda’s disappearance remained unsolved. Until one day in 2019.

A few years earlier, the pig farmer had indeed sold his gigantic farm to his nephew. And five years after acquiring the property, the man asked workers to empty the septic tank in question.

That’s when they found human bones. They then called the police and the verdict was quickly passed. The human remains were Brenda’s.

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