Dave Chappelle talks Kanye West, Jews and anti-Semitism on Saturday Night Live (VIDEO)

During Saturday Night Live’s latest opening monologue, Dave Chappelle opened up about Kanye West, anti-Semitism, and Jews in Hollywood.

Dave Chapelle addressed several controversial topics in his latest opening monologue of Saturday Night Livefocusing primarily on recent comments by Kanye Westonanti-Semitism and on Jews which are part of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

In a lengthy stand-up comedy segment, Chappelle broached these sensitive topics, but not before reading to the audience a written statement on a small piece of paper that read: “I denounce anti-Semitism in all its forms. And I side with my friends in the Jewish community“, then add:”And that, Kanye, is how you buy yourself some time. There are two words that I have learned should never be said in the world of show business and those two words are: ‘the Jews’.”

Chappelle went on to say that he has generally always supported the rapper when West became embroiled in controversy but, this time, he waited to see how the world would react to his statements that many have considered anti-Semitic.

The comedian then joked that “Kanye’s been in so much trouble, even Kyrie got in trouble“, referring to the NBA star suspended by the Brooklyn Nets over anti-Semitism charges that were brought against him for sharing a link to a controversial Amazon Prime movie online.

Many believe that Jews run show business, it’s not a crazy thing to think, but it’s a crazy thing to say out loudDave Chappelle continued. ”For some reason if blacks join it’s a gang, if Italians do it it’s mafia but if Jews do it’s just a coincidence. I know that the Jewish people have experienced terrible things all over the world, but no one can blame African Americans for this. You simply can’t do it. In any case I hope that ‘they’ won’t take anything away from me, whoever ‘they’ are. “

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