Daughters Day 2021 Three and a half year method writes in reverse ABCD got the title

Daughters Day 2021 : Bhopal (Navdunia Reporter). Talent has no age limit. This is a gift of nature. All that is needed is to identify and refine it at the right time. The one who has done this has an achievement on his part. Vidhi Jain living in Kolar can be said to be an example of this. Vidhi is only three and a half years old, but at such a young age, she has got the title of being the only child in the country, which proves her different from other children.

The name of this little girl has been recorded in Haryana’s institution ‘India Book of Records’. We can read by looking in the mirror.

Most Mother’s Attention: Pooja Jain, the mother of Vidhi, tells that when she used to teach her daughter occasionally, she felt that she writes letters in reverse. After this, he kept an eye on him and found it really right and informed his father Amit Jain about it. When Amit also paid attention to this, then this talent of the daughter was understood. After that both the parents gave encouragement and his art flourished. When he shared this quality of the daughter with other people, everyone advised to bring this talent to the fore. After this, after getting information from internet media, the name was sent for record.

haven’t gone to school yet

Vidhi’s mother Pooja tells that she has definitely got her admission, but due to Corona, she has not been able to go to school yet. Studying online. At the age when children stumble in writing straight letters, at that age, the method reverses ABCD in just three and a half minutes.

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