Daughter Is Dating Eddie Murphy’s Son: What Does Martin Lawrence Say?

The lives of the two actors are also intertwined privately. Martin Lawrence (57) and Eddie Murphy (61) have often appeared together in front of the camera – for the first time in 1992 in the comedy “Boomerang” and then again seven years later in “Life”. The two also maintain a good friendship in private life. So was Eddie 2010 on martins Wedding. The next generation of actors also have close ties to each other because: martins daughter Jasmine Lawrence is with Eddies Son Eric Murphy together. But how does the “Bad Boys for Life” star find it?

at Jimmy Kimmel Live! chatted Martin about his daughter’s relationship. “We didn’t talk about it,” said the 57-year-old about himself and his friend Eddie. “We just stay out of their business and let them do their own thing. We respect their relationship.” One thing wants Martin Eddie however left. “I’ll try, Eddie to pay for the wedding,” he said, laughing, about his plan.

The Hollywood stars’ two kids made their relationship public in June 2021. Eric shared a picture with his partner online at the time and wrote: “Head over heels in love with you.” Since then, the couple has shared a few snaps of themselves in love.

Martin Lawrence, actor
Eddie Murphy, actor

Instagram / jasmin_lawrence

Eric Murphy and Jasmine Lawrence in July 2021

What do you think of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence’s take on their children’s relationship?

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