Dating, separation, reconciliation: the love life of celebrities in 2022 in 30 photos

2022 is halfway through and is marked by famous separations: Lucas Lucco and Lorena Carvalho, Yasmin Brunet and Gabriel Medina, Karina Bacchi and Amaury Nunes are some of the couples that came to an end this year.

Isis Valverde also decided to put an end to her marriage with model André Resende and left fans sad. “Life is made of cycles and we have to accept it beautifully, with an open heart, really”, she declared.

Single since the end of her relationship with film director Alexandre Machafer, with whom she stayed for five months, Grazi Massafera has already complained about the pressure to find a boyfriend.

“People who are women, when you’re not on someone’s side, it’s like you don’t validate yourself as a woman, what a crazy thing, right? As if you needed to have someone on your side to feel and be a well-resolved woman. And that’s not it,” he said.

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Celebrities who are together in 2022

On the other hand, Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella decided to resume their romance almost 20 years after breaking up. The singer and the actor They’ve been together since the artist split from Marcus Buaiz’s manager.

Gabi Brandt and Saulo Poncio resumed the marriage. Although they don’t label their current relationship, they take the moment lightly, as the musician himself described after the couple traveled to Las Vegas.

During his time at “BBB 22”, Eliezer got involved with Maria and, later, with Nathália Deodato. None of the relationships worked. Currently, he lives a romance with Viih Tube, who participated in the 2021 edition.

Lucas and Slovenia joined at the beginning of the reality and have not let go since. Laís and Gustavo didn’t take long to get together, as soon as the Bachelor of Laws entered the program, after passing through the glass house.

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