Data science course advantages: Career in Data Science: Before making a career in data science, understand the advantages and disadvantages of this course – advantages and disadvantages of pursuing data science course


  • It is easy to make a career in Data Science
  • Before the course, definitely know its advantages and disadvantages
  • Know how much salary you will get

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Data Science Course: Due to the growing world of software technology, the demand for data scientists is increasing continuously. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of becoming a Data Scientist, then it cannot be a big deal, because at present a Data Scientist is earning much more than CA and Engineers. However, becoming a data scientist has many advantages as well as disadvantages.

What is Data Science
Data is very important for any field but only when it is properly processed and analyzed. It works on the same concept as Big Data and Data. The function of data science is that it takes insights from any type of data and knows about it. In Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis, Data Wrangling and Linear Algebra etc. can extract large amounts of data. Use of Data Science Big companies or any startup use all the data that can make their customers better experience.
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Advantages of Data Science

high job demand
There is a lot of demand for data science professionals in today’s time. People have many job options in this field. It is the fastest growing job on LinkedIn and is predicted to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. It is the most employing platform for data science.

will get high salary
Data Science is one of the highest paying jobs. It is believed that a data scientist can earn up to one crore rupees per year. Due to which data science is considered a highly lucrative career option.

Opportunities for all in Data Science
There are very few people who already have all the skills to become a Data Scientist. However, even after this, everyone gets equal opportunities, because data science is a huge field and there are a lot of opportunities in it. The demand in the field of data science is high and there is a huge shortage of data scientists.

data science comprehensive
The field of data science is very broad. It is widely used in healthcare, banking, consulting services and e-commerce industries. Data Science is a very multifaceted field so you will get opportunity to work in different fields.
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Disadvantages in the field of Data Science

Data science is a general term
Data Science may sound good, but it is a very general term and there is no definite definition. It is very difficult to write the exact meaning of Data Science. Their specific role depends on the area in which the company wants to specialize.

Can’t get mastery in data science
This AK is a field that has a mix of many fields such as statistics, computer science and mathematics. So it is not possible to master each and every field and be equally expert in all of them.

Data may give wrong results
The job of a Data Scientist is to prepare future plans by analyzing the data, but it has been observed that many times, the given data turns out to be wrong. Which can lead to wrong results, it can also fail due to weak management and poor utilization of resources.

Big threat to data privacy
The biggest issue in today’s time is becoming the privacy of the customers. For many industries, data is their fuel. Promotion and e-commerce companies decide the selection of customers on the basis of data. However, the data used in this process sometimes breaches the privacy of the customers. The personal data of the client is visible to the company and at times a security lapse can lead to data leaks.

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