Darren Barnet, from ‘Um Match Surpresa’, reacts to tweets from Brazilian fans; Check out!

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The astro Darren Barnet recently starred in rom-com christmas ‘A Match Surprise’, gives Netflix, and took advantage of the hype to meet with the platform of streaming and read tweets from some Brazilian fans.

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Barnet stars in the feature film alongside Nina Dobrev (‘The Vampire Diaries’) e Jimmy O. Yang | (‘Fantasy Island’).

A romantic comedy about the lies we tell for love. A girl from Los Angeles (Dobrev) meets a suitor (Barnet) across the country for a dating app and decides to surprise him. What she didn’t expect is that the whole situation was a big setup by a friend of his (Which).

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Hernan Jimenez (‘About Us’) commands the project. Danny Mackey e Rebecca Ewing sign the script, which is being described as a mix between ‘Harry and Sally – Made for Each Other’ e ‘Roxanne’.

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To platform streaming bought the intellectual rights to the production in August of last year. McG e Mary Viola are the producers.


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