Darling from House of the Dragon becomes Marvel heroine in incredible image; Look

Milly Alcock is one of the biggest highlights of House of the Dragon. Rhaenyra Targaryen’s interpreter (as a young girl) won the hearts of fans and now stars in fan art as Spider-Gwen.

The actress has become so beloved on the Game of Thrones spinoff that many are lamenting her replacement with Emma D’Arcy, who takes on the role of Targaryen in the show’s second phase.

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That said, visual artist clements.ink has posted some stunningly realistic art of Alcock as the Marvel character Spider-Gwen (or Spider-Gwen).

The artist specifically cited Alcock’s growing fancasts as Gwen Stacy as inspiration for the art.

Alcock certainly fits the character’s platinum blonde look perfectly, and her acting prowess proves she could nail the role if given the chance in the future.

See below.

More about The Dragon House

The House of the Dragon is the first series derived from Game of Thrones, a series that had eight seasons on TV.

The production had a big budget, and it’s a big bet by HBO. It is possible that other Game of Thrones spinoffs will also happen soon.

“Aegon Targaryen’s supporters clash with those of his half-sister Rhaenyra for the throne of Viserys I, his late father, igniting a civil war some 200 years before the events portrayed in Game of Thrones,” reads the synopsis. .

The Dragon House is available at HBO Max.

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