Darío Lopilato, lapidary on the departure of Érica Rivas from “Married with Children”: "There are things that exceed you"

While everyone was thrilled when it was announced that the entire cast of “ Married with kids“I was going to star in a play about the sitcom, fans were saddened when Erica Rivas revealed that he was not finally going to participate in the production with Guillermo Francella, Florence Peña, Luisana Lopilato, Dario Lopilato Y Marcelo de Bellis.

The actress of “Wild Tales“assured that the”they threw“from the play to be”feminist“since I had submitted some arrangements about”jokes that delay“from the script of the theatrical version.

In that sense, Dario Lopilato, one of the protagonists of fiction from the beginning, spoke with Juan Etchegoyen on the controversy that was generated around the “exit” of the actress and clarified that he does not know who is going to replace her: “The truth that I have no idea if there is already an actress chosen to replace Erica, the one who knows everything is Marcelo de Bellis to which I send a hug ”.

Érica Rivas will be replaced by another actress in '<a href =Married with Children ‘. “Data-height =” 419 “data-size =” w: 1335, h: 751 “data-width =” 745 “hspace =” 5 “src =” https://www.diarioshow.com /export/sites/cronica/img/2022/01/12/casados_con_hijos.jpg_366287663.jpg “title =” Érica Rivas is going to be replaced by another actress in ‘Married with Children’. “vspace =” 5 “>
Érica Rivas is going to be replaced by another actress in “Married with Children”.

“The only thing I can tell you is that Érica Rivas is a luxurious companion and an excellent woman. As a partner, woman and friend, from that side I can speak to you because I am not on the other side. Until today we have been messaging each other. We all made the effort so that we are all”, highlighted about the great friendship he has with whoever played María Elena Fuseneco.

I don’t like to get involved and the decisions are personal, up to a point it is. I will never forget a luxury companion like her. Last week we followed each other on Instagram. There is a good relationship and there are things that exceed you”, sentenced.

And he closed when referring to the suspension of the work due to the coronavirus:You can’t even know what happened. We all want to do it again but it is not known. Imagine that we had I don’t know how many Great Rex sold and a pandemic hit us. We have to take care of ourselves more than ever, it is part of reality. My reality today passes through Mar del Plata”.

Look what Darío Lopilato said about the departure of Érica Rivas from “Married with Children”!

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