Dara grunts happily: Nedvěd has finally untied himself and…

There is no doubt that the performance Dary Rollins is not only a guarantee of a great singing performance, but also a fresh show, which also includes dance elements. The great spectacle is enhanced by the fact that an arsenal of equally beautiful ladies dance with Dara. And her sweetheart – Pavel Nedved – he could finally be convinced of it again, and right away in the singer’s native country. She was so happy that she immediately shared it with her fans on Instagram.

Dara Rolins is already in Pavel Nedvěd’s family! How did his children receive her?

“My husband has already been to two of my shows. First time in Italy at a Slovakian wedding and yesterday (Thursday, editor’s note) evening in the Tatras. His second time as he had never been here before. His fantasy and imagination are working at full speed because the next day is like an extreme fog on purpose. At least it’s snowing,” wrote Dara under the photo from the mountains, from which you can tell that they are both enjoying themselves.

It works great for them, it’s clear that the biggest love in life is worth waiting for. A big shift in their relationship has already come in terms of housing. The couple even recently bought a literal fairy-tale plot of land. The plans are clear. Because neither of them wants to leave theirs, they build two mansions. Thank God the flights are a matter of a few hours.

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