Dantewada News: NMDC is making fruit plant garden

Dantewada. On behalf of the district’s NMDC, Bacheli, the construction of garden under CSR in Dantewada district has been started from the year 2020, which aims to plant 2.5 lakh saplings in five years. To build gardens in the fields of such farmers who have fencing and water facility. The purpose of garden construction is to improve the standard of living of the farmers by increasing the income of the tribal communities of villages like Benpal, Padhapur, Pina Bacheli, Dugeli, Badekmeli, Nerli, Bhansi, Dhurli, Gamwada etc. Because traditionally the farmers here cultivate only paddy, which is not very profitable, the reason behind that is that the cultivation of paddy in this area is completely dependent on rainfall, due to which many times there is no rain or rain on time. When it is low, the crop gets spoiled.

The process of garden construction is started every year from the month of November in which first of all such farmers are selected who have fencing and irrigated fields. After that, the above farmers are given training in scientific method for garden construction in collaboration with the state government. In the training, information is given about soil and climatic conditions, spacing between plants, making pits, quality-quantity of organic manure to be applied in them, precautions to be taken in the care of plants etc.

After the training, the NMDC Bacheli CSR team ensures that the farmers who have been trained. They have prepared pits in their fields according to the information given during the training. The farmers who are left behind in digging the pits are motivated again.

Hybrid plants are given

After the above process, hybrid plants of Guava, Jackfruit, Mango, Lime, Litchi, Morenga, Papaya, Coconut, Cashew etc. are given as per the demand of all the farmers and it is also ensured that the farmers to whom the plants have been given are given at that time. Planted live. The above plants being supplied to the farmers are of hybrid and good species, out of which maximum plants will start giving good quality fruits in three to four years. Under this five-year plan, about fifty thousand saplings were planted last year. Like last year, this year also around 30 Har Unnat varieties of fruit trees have been planted by NMDC Bacheli and District Administration, DWD.

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