Dante: the poster reveals the release date of the new film by Pupi Avati with Sergio Castellitto

The poster of Dante, a new film by Pupi Avati that traces the human story of the great poet Dante Alighieri, reveals the release date in the cinema.

Dante poster

Duea Film and RAI CINEMA released the poster from Dantenew film by Pupi Avati dedicated to Dante Alighieri interpreted by Sergio Castellitto in the role of Giovanni Boccaccio. The poster reveals the exit date of the film, in theaters on 29 September with 01 Distribution. In the cast Alessandro Haber, Alessandro Sperduti, who will be Dante Alighieri as a young man, Enrico Lo Verso and Leopoldo Mastelloni.

Dante dies in exile in Ravenna in 1321. September 1350. Giovanni Boccaccio is commissioned to bring ten gold florins as symbolic compensation to Sister Beatrice, daughter of Dante Alighieri, a nun in Ravenna in the monastery of Santo Stefano degli Ulivi. During his long journey Boccaccio, in addition to his daughter, will meet those who, in the last years of Ravenna’s exile, sheltered and welcomed the great poet and who, on the contrary, rejected him and put him to flight. Retracing part of Dante’s journey from Florence to Ravenna, stopping in the same convents, in the same villages, in the same castles, in the opening of the same libraries, in the questions he asks and in the answers he gets, Boccaccio reconstructs the human story of Dante, to the point of being able to tell us his entire story.

Director Pupi Avati said: “In my many films, I have told how exceptional, even heroic, the normality of human beings can be. Now, on the other hand, I have tried to say that, however sublime, genius shares, as each of us would, the anxieties that the life. Being able to narrate Dante Alighieri for his humanity was that gift I had been waiting for twenty years “.

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