Danny Trejo makes surprise appearance in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ series

This Wednesday the third episode of the series ‘Boba Fett’s book’ entitled ‘The streets of Mos Espa’ was launched on Disney +, where to the happiness of his followers a surprise cameo by Danny Trejo was seen. Apparently his role would be that of a bounty hunter who could appear in future episodes.

The Los Angeles-born actor made his Star Wars franchise debut midway through Episode 3 of the Disney + show when he arrives with a Rancor that Jabba the Hutt’s twin relatives have gifted to Boba.

His character, simply nicknamed Rancor Trainer, leads the beast to the underground lair where his predecessor lived during the rule of Jabba’s domain. Boba notices that the beast is docile, but Trejo’s character tells him that the beast is depressed.

He also tells the bounty hunter that the Rancor will imprint on the first human he sees, and allows Boba to be the one to stand in front of him when the beast opens his eyes.

As explained on the page Boba immediately becomes enthusiastic about the creature and Rancor’s Trainer tells him how other clans would ride on Rancor’s back, which is something the bounty hunter is also eager to learn how to do.”.

It is known that social networks fans of the series were delighted with the appearance of Danny Trejo to the series. Although it is not yet known how many episodes the actor will appear in, it is speculated that it would not be his first time.

‘The book of Boba Fett’ will have seven chapters, it is directed and produced by Robert Rodríguez, who is the second cousin of the actor and he always collaborates with his cousin’s productions, so an upcoming appearance in a production of Star wars


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