Danny Liedtke reveals: Is something going on with ex-colleague Sophie?

Are Danny Liedtke (32) and Sophie Imelmann (25) also a couple privately? Her fans have often asked themselves this question! Before his surprising exit at Köln 50667, the two played a passionate on-off couple in the previous evening soap. But sparks also seem to have flown between the two off camera: after all, the former Kevin actor shared a few suspicious videos in which Sophia said a very heartfelt goodbye to him on the set. Opposite to celebrity flash expresses Danny now for the first time: Is there something between Sophia and him?

In an interview at Eric Sindermann’s (33) song release party in Berlin’s Hofbräuhaus, he initially only said with a grin: “It’s a private matter. Since I don’t want to lie, I just say that everything is fine.” After that let Danny but get a little more out of it: “Sophie is a very important person for me. We’re just very close.” You could see how close the two are in his clips recently! What do they mean? “Once we’ve shown these videos, everyone can just think their own way…”he explained meaningfully.

now, there Danny got off at “Köln 50667”, he and Sophia don’t see each other that often at work anymore! How’s that for him? “Of course it’s a difficult time at the moment because we don’t see each other that often anymore. But we were very close at the time and that’s more of a private thing and that’s a good thing.” What do you think: Has Danny their love hereby confirmed? Vote in our poll!

Danny Liedtke, candidate for “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021
Sophie Imelmann, "Cologne 50667" actress

Instagram / sophieimelmann

Sophie Imelmann, “Cologne 50667” actress
Danny Liedtke, known from "Cologne 50667"

Instagram / _danny_liedtke_

Danny Liedtke, known from “Cologne 50667”

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