Danni Büchner: Danni Büchner has to mourn twice

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Danni Büchner talks about her “shitty week” +++ Pietro Lombardi: Questionable statements about “sex among teenagers” +++ Danni Büchner mourns her Jens with an emotional posting.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

November 18, 2022

Danni Büchner: Despite the sadness, she remains positive

Danni Büchner, 44, had to be particularly strong this week. A few days ago she announced that her beloved dog Gina died after 13 years together. Then it was the fourth anniversary of the death of her husband Jens Büchner, † 49, for the fourth time. After announcing a social media break, the reality TV actress will be in touch with her fans personally on Friday, November 18 and report on the past difficult days.

“This is what you look like when you’ve had a pretty shitty week,” she begins her Instagram story, which she records in the car. In the lower corner she fades in a picture of her deceased dog. “Maybe for some a dog is just a dog, for us Gina was a family member. We had her for 13 years and yes, she was older, but it’s still difficult. And then exactly in the week when the day of death was yesterday , that hit me a bit,” she explains, visibly emotional. Nevertheless, the 44-year-old tries to stay positive: “You should never forget that, no matter how sad you are or what the situation is: life is beautiful.”

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November 17, 2022

Pietro Lombardi: Questionable statements about “sex in teenagers”

Pietro Lombardi, 30, and Laura Maria Rypa, 26, have completely different opinions in the latest episode of their podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF”. It’s about the most beautiful thing in the world and the question of when her unborn son should start.

“So when my son comes home at 12 or 13 and says, ‘Mom, this is my girlfriend’. Sure, I would think in the end it’s a school friend or childhood love,” says Laura. Pietro jumps on it immediately and is sure: “Well, when our child is 13, then it’s already Ramba Zamba!” Then the singer goes one step further and seriously says, “It’s cool for boys” if they have sex at an early age. “I think as a dad you’re a bit proud when your son comes over at 13 and says, ‘Dad, I had fun today,'” he adds. Laura disagrees and thinks: “You should teach him certain values.”

Everyone has their parenting style. Fortunately, Pietro and Laura still have a few years before it really becomes an issue. This also applies to Pietros and Sarah Engels’ son Alessio, 7. And maybe Pietro will have a different attitude too, that he’s proud of his son and that it’s cool if he’s having sex at the age of 13.

Danni Büchner mourns her Jens with an emotional post

Danni Büchner, 44, has to endure a difficult week: A few days ago, the cult emigrant announced that her beloved dog Gina had died. The little four-legged friend was at Danni’s side for 13 years. Now the 44-year-old is living through the worst day of the year for the fourth time – the anniversary of her husband Jens Büchner, †49, who died on November 17, 2018 as a result of lung cancer.

The reality TV actress is holding back with social media posts during these particularly emotional hours. But in her Instagram story, she commemorates her late husband and uploads a completely black picture, which only shows his date of death and a star emoji.

Danni Büchner: Despite the double setback, she is positive

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November 16, 2022

Cathy Hummels says goodbye to ex-love Mats

After months of speculation, Mats, 33, and Cathy Hummels, 34, made their love official at the end of October 2022. How difficult it was for the influencer to take this step, she made it clear with tears in her new personality documentary “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning” on RTL Zwei and revealed: “We tried to avoid the breakup. But in the end it was that Mats saying, ‘I can’t go on like this’.”

Love is gone, a great friendship is now growing, Hummels now writes about a touching Instagram video with old memories of her marriage, which was concluded in 2015. Cathy says goodbye to her old love Mats. It closes a chapter in order to eventually open a new one.

November 15, 2022

Anna-Maria Ferchichi is surprised by the temperatures in Dubai

In the summer, Anna-Maria Ferchichi, 41, and rapper Bushido, 44, emigrated to Dubai with their seven children together, leaving friends and family behind. After another move to a large villa, the family of 9 seems to have arrived. But there was one thing Anna-Maria had not considered before emigrating, as she now describes in her Instagram story.

Because of the ongoing court case with clan member Arafat Abou-Chaker, Bushido’s family is under police protection. In Berlin, Anna-Maria lived a restricted life with her children – in contrast to her current life in Dubai. Everyone can move more freely there. When she was packing the boxes secretly at the time, singer Sarah Connor’s sister, 42, did something wrong, as she noticed afterwards.

Danni Büchner: Despite the double setback, she is positive

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Anna-Maria says: “I made a huge mistake when we moved.” She thought that she and her family in the United Arab Emirates city only needed summer clothes. “I was so wrong there,” Ferchichi admits with a laugh, because “everything is so blatantly overcooled” due to the air conditioning. So nothing stands in the way of the next big shopping tour.

Danni Büchner mourns the loss of her dog Gina

Danni Büchner, 44, is in deep mourning. Her dog Gina died on November 14th at the age of 13. The 44-year-old announces the sad news in her Instagram story. In recent years, the four-legged friend has always accompanied the cult emigrant, be it when moving to Mallorca or after the loss of her husband Jens Büchner, † 49.

The fact that she and her children now have to say goodbye to Gina breaks Danni’s heart. The TV face posts several shots of the black and white dog and writes about one of these snapshots: “13 years always by my side.” Finally, Danni tells her fans that she won’t be back until Friday, November 18th.

Janni Kusmagk: Strong pregnancy statement

Again and again prominent women on Instagram are bluntly asked if they are pregnant. Janni Kusmagk, 32, is one of them. Peer Kusmagk’s partner, 37, is repeatedly accused of a possible pregnancy as soon as a mini tummy can be seen. A pressure that the professional surfer, who speaks openly and honestly about her eating disorder in her latest post, no longer wants to expose herself to.

“Oh, hello old trigger … I think to myself when I hear picture number three … I greet you,” the mother of three introduces her Instagram post and shows a picture of a mini tummy. Fans deny her – of course – a possible pregnancy again. That hurts and is simply borderline! But Janni can now deal with such comments well, has gotten a thick skin, because she continues to write to her “old trigger”: “But unfortunately you’ve lost your strength, because I’ve been aware of the time and the last few years after my eating disorder I made room for my healing. I understood- that my stomach had just taken on too much responsibility and had to bear more pressure than I was aware. That I tend to compensate for stress with food, and now I understand that I only do it understood as a loss of control at the risk of losing the 90/60/90 hourglass figure and then no longer the idealized figure that the sexist patriarch-built system could be [sic].” Rather, she now wants to take care of being gentle with herself and restoring her “inner peace”. “Away with constraints. Stress. Away with toxic patterns and people. And above all, moving away with a permanent stomach in stories when you’ve eaten a mega delicious cheese galette in France.” The fact is: nobody’s body is anyone’s business, except for the person concerned.

November 14, 2022

Jenny Frankhauser: Did she overdo it?

Little Damian Andreas König saw the light of day on September 29, 2022 and made Jenny Frankhauser, 30, and partner Steffen König parents for the first time. Daniela Katzenberger’s little sister, 36, proudly showed her happiness on Instagram and her family was delighted with the offspring. But in the past few months, she has apparently taken on too much and overreached herself. A social media break is needed. “I’m offline for a few days and enjoying some rest. I just need it,” she writes on her Instagram account and continues: “I think two weeks of baby break were just too short and I feel the need to withdraw a little .” After she has burdened herself with a lot recently, her conclusion is: “It always works, it just doesn’t work… and that’s okay.” Now it’s probably time for Jenny Frankhauser to recharge her batteries and take some quality time for herself and her loved ones. With a possible sibling for Damian, she wanted to do things differently, take more time for herself and the newcomer. “With the next baby, I’ll definitely take the four to six-week break in childbirth that every mom should take for herself.”

Jenny Frankhauser's Instagram post

Jenny Frankhauser’s Instagram post

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