Danjuma’s true price revealed, PSG love it!

PSG greatly appreciates Arnaut Danjuma. And that is not likely to evaporate since the price of the Villarreal winger has just dropped!

In danger for his future at Paris Saint-Germain, Leonardo does not take his prerogatives over the leg. Quite the contrary. According to many observers and agents, the Brazilian sports director is as usual in the oven and in the mill trying to find the best possible reinforcements for PSG. If the 1994 world champion as often has sights in Italy, he is one of those who were seduced by the performances of Arnaut Danjuma with Villarreal. The Dutch winger, passed by Bournemouth, literally exploded this season, with in particular some big blows made in the Champions League. Enough to put some nice people on the 25-year-old Nigerian-born player, who sees his rating climb.

A downgraded clause

However, Villarreal’s gluttony will inevitably have limits, and the team coached by Unai Emery will not be able to hit an incredible jackpot. Indeed, Fabrizio Romano, whose statements are generally verified, ensures that the real amount of Danjuma’s release clause is not 75 million euros as announced by the Spanish and American press. This summer, the winger will be released if a club puts €45m on the table. Marca, for their part, explained that it was 45 million pounds, or around 54 million euros. Nevertheless, this lowered price makes the winger much more affordable. For his part, Danjuma claims to be focused on his season with Villarreal, but there is no doubt that the question of his future will arise within his club, while his entourage continues to discuss with several interested clubs, including PSG and Newcastle.

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