Danish TV series tops prestigious list

A Danish TV series has reached the top of the list of the world’s best series from 2021.

The renowned American popular culture media Variety has named the best series from the past year, and here the media’s chief critics, reviewer Daniel D’Addario, have selected their ten favorites – and placed a Danish TV series at the top of the list.

Namely ‘The Investigation’, which with names like Søren Malling and Pilou Asbæk in the leading roles tells the story of the investigation into the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

“This Danish series, broadcast in February 2021, remained the finest series of the year,” reads Variety’s chief critiques.

‘The series’ depiction of care and attention as a way we function to be able to overcome causes this series to transcend the misery and horror of crime at its center. Overall, it seems like a testament to the strength of uncovering the truth – the very thing Kim Wall worked so hard to do in life. “

Daniel D’Addario recommends the many who still have the benefit of watching the series, which is streamed on TV 2 Play and HBO Max in Denmark.

With the number 1 position, Danish ‘The Investigation’ beats major international series such as the controversial documentary series ‘Framing Britney Spears’ and million series such as ‘Pose’, ‘Succession’ and ‘Mare Of Easttown’, all of which appear further down on Variety’s list of the year’s best TV series.

It was not otherwise, because the Danish reviewers received ‘The Investigation’ overwhelmingly well.

'The investigation'.

‘The investigation’.
Photo: TV2

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For example, BT, which gave each episode – with the exception of the first – a paltry two out of six stars, which also became the overall verdict on the series.

Even before the premiere of ‘The Investigation’, there were fears that it would be distasteful to revel in such a fresh murder case, as work on the series began only months after the verdict in the real case had been handed down.

The horror was, despite the ethical considerations that director Tobias Lindholm made, such as not portraying the killer – the submarine builder Peter Madsen – at all out of respect for the bereaved.

Still, it sounded in Weekendavisen, that the series was “the definitive proof of the moral bankruptcy of the creative industries”.

However, the series was not only received with criticism.

The Danish TV viewers swallowed ‘The Investigation’ raw, and there were also nice words like “a clever comment on the crime genre” and “Søren Malling’s eyelids are the star” in Information.

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