Danish actor in high heels on the cover of Vogue: “I could be Harry Styles’ evil uncle”

The heels are pointed and high. So high that Claes Bang had difficulty walking in them. But the rest of the clothes that the Danish actor wears on the cover of Vogue Scandinavia, he is really happy with.

Also the huge earrings and the white robe.

“Usually I’m photographed in jeans and a shirt, but this time I wanted to try something new. I have spent a lot of time in Paris in the last six months, and here I came across the designer Ashi. His stuff is super cool, well made, and very androgynous, which is why I suggested we use his stuff. The moment I put on the white coat, I could feel that I carried myself in a different way,’ says Claes Bang, who felt neither unmanly nor feminine in the high heels.

“But I think I would have to be pretty drunk if I put it on before I went to Irma for more mulled wine,” says the Danish actor.

Claes Bang for Vogue Scandinavia
Photo: Lis Kasper Bang

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Styles in frills

It attracted global attention when the singer and actor Harry Styles allowed himself to be photographed for the cover of Vogue as the first man ever.

Several criticized that Styles wore a pink dress with frills because it made him “unmanly”. The actor Billy Porter has also caused a stir several times by appearing on the red carpet wearing big dresses or high heels.

American Billy Porter rarely disappoints on the red carpet. Here he arrives at the Golde Globe Awards in January 2020 wearing a white jacket and skirt designed by Alex Vinash. “This is a standing look, not a sitting look,” said Porter to the fashion magazine Bazar.
Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP/Ritzau Scanpix (archive)

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“My goal is to be a piece of political art every time I participate in something,” Porter has said about his choice of clothing.

That’s how radical it is Claes Bang However not.

“When Ashi came with those huge earrings, I thought: ‘Now it’s going to be pretty bizarre’. But Ashi designs for both men and women, and I probably thought that that mix of the masculine and the feminine would be read as a comment on that.’

Is it a comment?

“There is not a kind of now-I-want-to-try-to-say-something. I’m not particularly into fashion, but I’m sickly vain, so I want to look smart and nice. More money is probably spent on that than is healthy. But in general I think people should do what they want. I don’t think we should be limited by what other people think you can wear.’

The white robe is one of Claes Bang’s own favorites from Ashi’s collection. “I’m not particularly interested in fashion, but I’m morbidly vain,” says the 55-year-old actor.
Photo: Lis Kasper Bang

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How would you describe your look in the pictures?

“I think they have become insanely beautiful. I felt like I was in a sci-fi adventure or a future fantasy. Some of the hair and the jewelry I have on my ears make me look like Princess Leia from “Star Wars.”

Did you feel feminine or unmanly?

“Not at all. The clothes are just hugely sculptural and airy. It was fun to wear, but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to strut down the Strøget in those heels.’

Are there any of the clothes you could think of to wear on a daily basis?

The pictures for Vogue were taken by Claes Bang's wife, Lis Kasper Bang.

The pictures for Vogue were taken by Claes Bang’s wife, Lis Kasper Bang.
Photo: Lis Kasper Bang

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“The white coat is probably my favorite item. It is really beautiful. But then, I only dare to buy white clothes if they can be machine washed. Otherwise I’ll get it stained in an instant.’

Claes Bang is currently filming the film “The Stockholm Massacre”, where he plays King Christian 2. Here too, the costumes play a big role, he says.

“There is a funny story about Jack Nicholson and Harry Dean Staton. Stanton played a role he was quite tired of. When he told Nicholson, he replied that he should just be himself and let the costume play the part. It almost sounds silly, but it’s true enough. But you can wear some clothes that instrument you so fiercely that it opens up everything else.’

Are you the new Harry Styles?

“When I see the pictures, I think more that I could be Harry Styles’ evil uncle…”

This article was written by Berlingske.

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