Danielle Moreau in love: Internet users have unmasked the ex-politician who cracks the columnist of "TPMP" !

As he was talking about the show Married at first sight on M6 of which he is a fan, Cyril Hanouna asked Danielle Moreau if she was tempted to join the next season of the dating show. The host, ready to give a call to the program director of the channel, did not expect such a revelation.

“This is serious, I’m falling in love with someone right now who isn’t here”she told him. “She has sparkling eyes”observed Baba. “We all want to know”he added. “I haven’t met him, he’s someone from the group, I don’t want to dance in front of him, he’s a columnist for the Canal group, he’s handsome, intelligent, he doesn’t know, I wouldn’t want to not blow my chances”she continued. “I need you to introduce me and Benjamin Castaldi, to connect me with Comme J’aime and I would like to be presentable”.

If his comrades did not hear the name of the lucky one whispered in the ear of Lino and Bianca’s dad, Internet users seem to have found his identity. According to them, it would be the former deputy, George Fenech, 67 years old. Since 2017, he officiates as a consultant on CNews. “It’s Georges Fenech”, “Too bad Daniel Cyril’s microphone was on. Will Georges agree”, “The famous Georges Fenech will have to be very hungry to go further, but that’s good there are what to eat and hold all winter from the hips”, “it’s either Georges Fenech”could we read in the comments left on Twitter in particular.

Earlier in the show, Danielle Moreau burst into tears when talking about her first love. “I went to Jean Le Poulain and the 60-year-old actors”did she say. “He’s an actor. I didn’t go out with him, I was just in love (…) He wasn’t handsome but for me, he was my prince charming. He was cross-eyed, he was very fat, bald”.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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