Daniele Scardina, his conditions improve. The clinic: “We have reduced the sedatives, now he breathes independently”

Good news for Daniel Scardina. The conditions of the Italian boxer, in a coma since February 28 and hospitalized at the Humanitas clinic in Rozzano, are improving day by day, as evidenced by the excellent results of the encephalogram. It was the hospital itself that announced it, announcing improvements in sight for “King Toretto”: “Regarding the clinical conditions of Mr. Daniele Scardina, at the request of the family, the hospital declares that 15 days after hospitalization, the progressive improvements , monitored with the electroencephalogram, allowed doctors to further reduce sedatives and let the patient breathe independently. Situation then in slight improvement but it is still early to comment on the prognosis in terms of speed and quality of recovery. The next bulletin will be issued when there will be significant news”.

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