Danièle Evenou atomized by Marion Game at Jordan de Luxe, the ex-girlfriend of Jacques Martin threatens to "leave the board!"

Between Marion Game and Danièle Evenou, it’s not great love. And if some doubted it, they simply had to discover the last interview of the second, granted to Jordan de Luxe. Indeed, the two actresses have a common point and not the least. That of having shared the life of Jacques Martin. If each retains all the same joyful moments in their history with the television man, they have never failed to let it be known that the relationship with him has not always been idyllic.

The opportunity for Jordan de Luxe to evoke, this time, the relationship between the two women. “I don’t know why, it never happened between you two apparently”dropped the journalist as noted by our colleagues from Tele-Leisure, which did not fail to surprise Danièle Evenou, apparently unaware that Marion Game did not carry her in his heart. Once the announcement of Jordan de Luxe was made, the latter revealed to him a statement from the one who plays Huguette in Domestic scenes.

Danièle Evenou shocked and pained

“I haven’t had a friendly relationship with Danièle. For me, it’s a terrible misunderstanding! What is it? It’s a dead weight! It’s nothing in my life anyway. never matched with her! Surely not!”, loose-t-it in the excerpt released. Danièle Evenou then retorts: “It’s horrible, I pity her. What does that mean? That I don’t exist? It’s horrible”. “You shouldn’t have shown me that. It pains me”she later lamented.

The actress did not stop there. And even if Jordan de Luxe tried, somehow, to calm things down by explaining that he thought she had already seen these images, Danièle Evenou was inconsolable: “It’s a terrible misunderstanding. Does that mean that I have no place on this earth? That’s it. I’m gonna leave this set, I’m in pain. In the end, she stayed by the journalist’s side, but her pain remained just as great.

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