Daniela’s "Big Brother" He checked Thiago’s cell phone and did not like what he saw: "so he was waiting for me"

Although several weeks have passed since they left “Big Brother 2022”the former partner of Daniela and Thiago they carry on with their lives of cerebritis outside the reality show telefe. And although they are not officially together, they are showing signs of romance. In that sense, blink itwho was recently linked to L-Ghent, he made a reproach to the little brother, who recently surprised with his appearance on the cover of a book, for his behavior outside the home. Is there jealousy?

This was Daniela’s claim for Thiago from “Big Brother 2022”!

“I accidentally grabbed the cell phone and then it was like I grabbed cell phones”revealed celis on the podcast Biri Biriwhere the young man from Gonzalez Catanwho, thanks to the exposure of the program that is broadcast on pluto tv, he was able to fulfill one of his dreams with the remodeling of his home.

And then he went on to explain what the situation was like: “A message had arrived and he told me: ‘if you want, answer him’. I answered the message, and I stayed in the chat watching, of course”he confessed between laughs the little sister who had a cross with the winner of “GH” Christian U in the air.

“He behaved well, but not so well. He came out in all the programs to say: ‘I’m going to wait for Daniela’, and his cell phone did not say the same thing”pointed out what he saw on the cell phone of Medinafor which he, for his part, defended himself: “She has friends, I have friends. They invited me to have a drink, but nothing more. They are friends from the neighborhoodnarrowed.

The reunion of Daniela and Thiago from “Big Brother 2022”.

But that was not all, since Daniela stood firm: “I’m not talking about that chat, my love. But that chat was not with friendship intentions, it was ‘leave Pestañela and stay with me’. And he texts back. He follows her and says: I’ll give you the WhatsApp number. And she writes to him, because she is looking for him and he was there too. It doesn’t matter, that’s it”he stated.

“This is how Thiago was waiting for me, and then he looked like the bad guy. Thiago He was waiting for you all the months you were inside,’ and when I go out, he doesn’t”concluded Daniela about how he behaved Thiago when she was still inside “Big Brother 2022”.

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