Daniela Katzenberger honestly: she has already had two burnouts

Daniela Katzenberger (35) hits serious tones. The Goodbye Germany awareness is usually always in a good mood. With her cheerful, direct manner and her funny sayings, she is now considered a cult blonde on German television. In the meantime, the mother of a daughter is also totally self-confident – ​​but that wasn’t always the case. The hate bothered Dani so much that she even had two burnouts.

In her podcast “Cat & Cordalis” the 35-year-old spoke about this difficult time in her life. She found it difficult to deal with the hate comments on the Internet. “If you go by them you look like a monster, you’re fat like a ton and you have a brain like a sparrow. I really thought people hated me”, Dani recalled, admitting: “It was hell for me.” This constant pressure ultimately drove her to two burnouts.

Above all, Dani took to heart the mean criticism of her figure after she gained 26 kilos during pregnancy. “I was a 1.63 meter target and everything hurt me”, admitted the cat frankly. In the meantime, Lucas Cordalis (54)’s wife has learned to deal with it, but sometimes it’s still difficult for her.

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger, TV star

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger in March 2022

Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Daniela Katzenberger in May 2022

Would you have expected Dani to be so taken with the hate?

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