Daniela Katzenberger: Daniela Katzenberger shows an honest video of her bikini body

Daniela Katzenberger causes enthusiasm on the net with her latest post. unembellished and unedited, she shows her body in the video and proves the effect the right light can have.

When it comes to her body, Daniela Katzenberger, 35, doesn’t fool herself or her followers. Again and again she shows herself without a filter and completely naturally – including small supposed flaws. She is loved by her fans for her honesty. The same goes for her latest video.

Daniela Katzenberger: Honest video about her body in a bikini

Smooth skin, perfect light and no pores to be seen: the desire for the perfect appearance is stronger than ever on social networks. At the same time, beauty standards are becoming increasingly unrealistic. Fewer and fewer influencers show themselves as they are: imperfect Perfect. Not with the cat! With her latest Instagram post, she proves what makes the right light. In her video, the likeable blonde only shows herself in the “good” light. She shows her body from behind, her bottom is perfectly staged. Of cellulite not a trace! On the second video directly behind it, she shows herself with the same pose – this time in the plump, unflattering one sun and it becomes clear: her buttocks are not as flawless as in the first video.

Fans excited by Daniela’s post

There is no cellulitethere is only shitty light. On that note, bring on the dimple boxesDaniela writes about the video [sic]. Her fans are once again enthusiastic about the honest nature for which the cat has been known for years. You give so many their confidence back. Are you just great!, writes a Follower:in. Others say thank you for their honesty and write things like: I likes Yes, really, that you sometimes don’t take yourself seriously and completely stand by the natural ‘quirks’ of people.” [sic]

Prominent fans also have their say in the comment column: This is how Frauke comments Ludowig short and sweet: Just everything right.

The cat stands for its candid nature

Since day one in public, the cat has not minced its words. This is exactly their secret of success. It is also not the first time that Daniela Katzenberger has campaigned for positive self-perception. In addition to edited photos, she repeatedly posts clumsy and unedited pictures, freeing herself from the expectations of others.


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