Daniela Büchner: Daniela Büchner makes fans freak out

Daniela Buechner
Fans excited about their “amazing transformation”

Daniela Buechner

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Daniela Büchner has been showing herself much more revealingly on Instagram for a few weeks. The Mallorcan by choice is proud of her body – and everyone can see that. Her clothing style has also changed. Much to the delight of her followers.

Daniela Büchner, 44, has lost a few pounds and gained a lot of self-confidence. Not only does she present herself stronger, but also more confident than ever. In terms of styling, too, she has been a lot bolder in recent months. Body-hugging cuts, sexy fabrics such as vinyl and leather – Danni likes to show herself. And her fans are happy about it.

Daniela Büchner is celebrated for “Transformation”.

With her latest post, the “Goodbye Germany” fame shows her followers a look that she wears to go out with friends. Danni styles leather shots with a strapless cream-colored sweater and wears overknee boots. She has tied her long hair in a high ponytail, her eyes are emphasized with dark eye shadow, and she wears her lips in a very natural rosé. Large statement earrings give the outfit an extra portion of glamor. A look that not only Danni seems to like. On Instagram she gets many thousands of likes for the pictures, in the comments followers express their enthusiasm, posting heart and flame emojis underneath.

Danni has found “the inner center”.

“Watt a transformation Danni,” writes Thorsten Legat under her post, many fans also compliment her on her charisma. “Insane, what a type change,” notes another follower. But as much as Danni celebrates her “new” look, it’s something else entirely that makes her happy and content. “It’s also called ‘finding your inner balance’,” Daniela replies to Thorsten Legat’s comment. The Mallorcan by choice just seems to have made peace with herself and her surroundings. Danni is more at peace with himself than ever. And you can see that on her.


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