Daniela Büchner: Daniela Büchner is annoyed by her appearance

Daniela Buechner
“Somehow everything annoys me right now”

Daniela Buechner

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Daniela Büchner regularly shares the ups and downs of her life with her approximately 318,000 Instagram followers. Same now. The reality TV star is unhappy with her looks.

Although Daniela Büchner, 44, has to deal with nasty comments and hate messages every day, she does not shy away from continuing to report on her life in Mallorca on her Instagram account. In addition to beautiful events with her children, there are also moments of doubt on Danni’s profile.

Daniela Büchner: “It calls for changes in me”

On Thursday, August 4, 2022, the 44-year-old will deal with her missing eyelash extensions, among other things. However, she doesn’t want to be told about it. “Please don’t say that, it’s beautiful even without eyelash extensions,” Danni clarifies in her Instagram story. As soon as she has more time again, she will put on the artificial hair again.

Daniela Büchner: "Somehow everything annoys me right now"

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However, Büchner is not quite as sure about her hair as she is with eyelash extensions. “I just don’t know how much longer I’ll be wearing these extensions,” she sighs, tugging at a strand of hair that’s hanging out. “Somehow everything is annoying me right now and it’s calling for changes in me,” reveals the “Goodbye Germany” star to his fans. “I don’t know if it’s the looks … But I have to change something,” she says, but also emphasizes that the world could look very different tomorrow. “I hate days like this,” Danni admits. She would prefer to hide in such moments, as she impressively demonstrates with a pillow in another Instagram story.

But Daniela Büchner was right: On Friday, August 5th, the world looks very different again, the mother of five enjoys a relaxing day in Mallorca in her own garden and does “what she does best: lying around by the pool”.

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