Daniel Radcliffe’s unmissable film on HBO Max


After being Harry Potter For a decade, Daniel Radcliffe’s career veered towards less “conventional” productions.

Daniel Radcliffe.
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In 2001, the world met Daniel Radcliffe thanks to one of the most important sagas in the history of cinema: that of Harry Potter. Inspired by the work written by JK Rowlingthe films told the story of a young man who was summoned to a wizarding institute and soon discovered that what seemed like a fun adventure to learn spells carried a heavier load. Harry Potter he was the only survivor of the attack by a powerful villain named voldemort and, perhaps, the only hope to defeat him forever.

After spending a decade at the helm of this franchise, Daniel Radcliffe ran from mainstream and went towards more “experimental” projects. This is how stories like Swiss Army Manwhich he starred in with Paul Danoand then it would be the turn of an ideal production for lovers of humor in the style kick ass. It is a feature film that is available in the catalog of HBO Max for Latin America.

We talk about Guns Akimboa film in which Daniel Radcliffe he plays a young man who works in the video game industry and who in his spare time writes on forums and openly criticizes all internet users; what is popularly known as “hater”. However, one day he will get involved with a dangerous group that will go to look for him at the door of his house and subject him to a macabre game.

After being knocked out, the protagonist will wake up with pistols bolted to his hands and with them he must survive the onslaught of one of the most dangerous assassins in the city, played by a genius. Samara Weaving. For what purpose? Entertain an entire audience watching the live stream from the comfort of their homes. Thus, a little more than 90 minutes of pure action will take place.

+The best of Guns Akimbo

If there is something that stands out very well in Guns Akimbo, this is the level of precision with which the world of video games is replicated. The experience is almost immersive, and all the action sequences are very well done. The Radcliffe-Weaving duo It works like a charm, and the black humor that all the footage gives off guarantees guaranteed fun. Also, it has an amazing soundtrack. What are you waiting for to go see it?

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