Daniel Lévi with cancer: "time is counted"

The news is worrying. Singer Daniel Lévi has suffered from colon cancer since 2019, he has already followed several treatment protocols. Thursday August 4, an Instagram post published by his wife caused concern. “Dear friends, My husband Daniel Haim ben Sarah needs tephilots (prayers). I’m counting on you ����❤️”, wrote Sandrine. She also relayed a post from Thora Box, a site for disseminating information related to Judaism. “Dear friends around the world. Our friend, the singer Daniel Lévi needs our prayers more than ever to heal, now! Time is running out, let’s mobilize and act immediately.”

On July 28, she had relayed a previous message to give news of her husband: “Our friend, the singer Daniel Lévi has just started a new treatment protocol. Let us pray together for his complete recovery. Together we are stronger and Hashem will hear all your prayers.”

In April 2019, he confided in the subject of his illness at the microphone of the radio Voltage. He had notably mentioned chemotherapy: “The chemo was so effective that in the end the tumor did not want to stop without hanging on the colon and made an occlusion. An occlusion, we have to operate urgently, but on a guy who does chemo it’s complicated, he doesn’t have the defenses”.

As Public Health France reminds us, with 43,336 new cases and 17,117 deaths in 2018, colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers (3rd rank in men and 2nd in women) and represents the 2nd cause of death by cancer (2nd cause in men and 3rd in women).

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